It’s a sad day when you realize one of your favorite trees may be dead and has to be removed. Trees add so much beauty to a property, so keeping them healthy is a main priority of every lawn care company. There comes a time though, when you must accept the reality that a tree is now more of a liability than a benefit to you and your lawn. 

But how can you tell that a tree is dead and what should be done about it?

Signs a tree is dead or dying:

  1. Lack of leaves — In the winter, many trees shed their leaves, while evergreens maintain their foliage throughout the year. Deciduous trees have a seasonal leaf pattern of growing in spring, fullness is summer, dying in fall, and absence in winter. If you see no leaves throughout the warmer months, this is a sign that the tree could be dead or unhealthy. 
  2. The twig test — For live trees, you shouldn’t be able to snap their twigs off with ease. Bending the twig should expose a green interior that is moist enough not to break. Healthy trees could have a few dead twigs, but if larger branches are dead and dry, it’s not a good sign for the overall vitality of the tree. 
  3. Signs of decay — When a tree has been dead a while, it will begin to decay, and there are some telltale signs of this. One is that the color of the trunk and branches will change, often becoming paler and losing their bark. Another is that insects and fungus will begin to take over the tree, emptying it out and covering it. This is nature’s way of recycling. A live tree has ways of fighting back to protect itself, so this is another bad sign. 

How to tell for sure? Call an expert!

If you aren’t quite sure if the tree is alive or dead, having a tree expert come by and give their professional opinion can settle the question. To quote the movie “Princess Bride,” it may only be “mostly dead,” and they may be able to take action to save the tree. 

Removing the tree

Once it’s determined that the tree, or a large limb, is in fact dead, you will almost always need to have it professionally removed. On very large properties, a dead tree far from any structures or foot traffic may be okay, but for the average lawn or commercial property, you could be putting the buildings, vehicles, and, most importantly, the people in the area, in danger. One bad storm can knock over a dead tree that’s roots have rotted out, causing damage or injury below. 

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