If you have a tree that you believe needs to be removed, you may wonder when the best time of year is to get it done. Many are surprised to hear that winter, here in Indiana and around the country, is considered the best time to remove a problem tree. Let’s look at some reasons why this is. 

  1. The leaves are out of the way — Leaves are a big part of what makes us enjoy the beauty of our trees, but when you want to cut down a tree, the leaves and flowers actually add a significant amount of weight. The job is easier not just because the tree is lighter, but also because the absence of leaves allows for easier evaluation and planning due to a better line of site. 
  2. It guards from disease — In the summer, there are very active funguses and bacteria that can be a danger to your tree. If you aren’t removing the entire tree, but just a major limb, or if the tree is very close or entangled with another tree, cutting into the bark will leave it exposed to the elements. In the winter, this isn’t a concern because these pathogens are not nearly as active.
  3. Fewer worries about safety — A major safety concern when removing a tree is falling limbs that could hit pets or family members who are outside. While the tree removal professionals will advise everyone to stay inside, or at least at a distance, during the process, your yard will not have as much traffic generally in the colder months. 
  4. Less damage down below — If you have a garden below, falling limbs could kill plants you spent good time or money nurturing. In the winter, these will likely not be in bloom. Also, the ground will be rock solid for much of the winter, so damage to the lawn will be more minimal if a large limb drops. 
  5. It can be cheaper — Because a lot of landscaping companies do much of their lawn mowing and flower planting in the spring and summer, they may have less to do. During the winter, you may be able to use this to your advantage and haggle for a better deal. 

Unhealthy trees can be harder to spot in the winter

One potential negative is that in the spring and summer, it is generally much easier to spot which trees are healthy and which aren’t. This is because signs of life for a tree (leaves, flowers, fruits, growth, color) are all at their height during this time. If you are planning on having a tree removed in the winter, it may be difficult to spot the difference among the trees in the winter. So make sure you’ve got the right one! For professionals though, identifying an unhealthy or dead tree is not a problem.

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